About IPR

About IPR

International Pilgrimage Revolution Pvt. Ltd. is a premium Destination Management Company registered under The Companies Act, 2013 with its focus on meeting the travel needs of people all over the world. Inspired by the human values, since its inception, IPR has been rooted in its commitment to fulfil its vision and mission of making the world a better place to live and love, and strengthen intercultural trust and unity all around the globe. In fact, IPR works for the wellbeing of the humanity.
Go with IPR is a travel portal through which we promote different tourist and pilgrimage destinations all over the world. We are a competent Service Travel Agent who helps you with package holidays, visas, flights, rail travel, local transport, sightseeing etc. with professional guides and quality services.
With a significant organisational back up and pastoral motivation, IPR reflects on each travel experience and perfects the ensuing ones. Our aim is to welcome all travel enthusiasts to get involved in a journey of self-discovery, to be in touch with the essence of one’s own being.

Our Vision

Make our world the best place to live and love which results in complete happiness-the ultimate goal of every human life.

Our Mission

Strengthen intercultural trust and unity all around the globe. This will bring peace and happiness to the whole world. For this reason, the IPR invites everyone to experience travel as a metaphor for his/her existence, a trip to the heart of the individual to find the real face of God, made up of peace, joy and forgiveness.
Embarking upon it means having a chance to rearrange one’s life, to be provoked by new experiences. In addition to offering careful technical assistance at all stages of the journey, each pilgrim can also count on the presence of a spiritual assistant, available to offer individual attention throughout the journey. There is also time for silence and meditation on the sacred scriptures, a source of inspiration and prayer. For this reason, we propose with conviction and charisma the experience of travel and pilgrimage not only in classic destinations but also in all other religious and cultural itineraries.

The IPR Group Mission

Companionship is the best tonic to enhance our relationships that helps us to retain a joyful and contented life. It helps us to maintain the optimum levels of happiness. The society gives us ample opportunities to make healthy friendships and enjoy the warmth and affection of our fellow beings. Hence it becomes our duty and responsibility towards the humanity to show them how to utilize the rich prospects of camaraderie awaiting us to the betterment of the society. So, the IPR Group is committed towards its social responsibility to promote charity through its venture into the tourism industry. The various activities that we engage in join hands with our splendid mission to shield the human race.

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Message from Our Patron

Rt.Rev.George Pallipparambil SDB

Bishop’s House, Miao – 729 122
Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh – India

I am happy to introduce to you International Pilgrimage Revolution (IPR) Pvt.Ltd. It is closely associated with the diocese of Miao, Arunachal Pradesh. IPR is a premium tour operating company that was set up in 2013, in accordance with the Indian Companies Act 2013 with its head office at Cochin and branches in various cities of India and abroad.

As IPR caters to the travel needs of people all around the world, it is an initiative to carry out the church’s effort to make pastoral care reach to people as demanded by the Directory for pastoral care in tourism “Peregrinans in “Terra” published by the Congregation for Clergy on 30 th April 1969 and later documents promulgated by the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People in 2001 and 2009.

Inspired by the teachings of the church, since its inception, IPR has been moving with this conviction and commitment to fulfil its vision and mission of making this world a better place to live in, to love and to strengthen and celebrate the cultural, linguistic and religious fabric of men and women all over the world.

I congratulate and thank Rev. Dr. Tomy Joseph for this initiative and managing it so well till now. I wish him and his team God’s blessings and continued success in organizing people and to make the company grow from strength to strength and that many people will come to know others through the professional team of IPR.

I recommend IPR to anyone who wishes to travel within India or abroad. They have the expertise to organize and manage the Following: Inbound Tours, Outbound Tours, Domestic Tours, Holy Land Tours, Medical Tourism, Kerala Backwater Tours, Air Ticketing, Pilgrimage, MICE.

IPR is an efficient travel agency, recognized by IATA, Ministry of Tourism-Government of India as well as the Department of Tourism in some of the Indian states. The company is well equipped with a fleet of Volvo buses, small and medium size vehicles and house boats to fulfil all your travel requirements.

I recommend all communities, Dioceses, Religious Congregations, Parishes and all other groups and individuals to make use of the services of IPR. The company offers all its services with a marginal profit which is spent on staff, assets and charities. Please support this unique initiative which promotes pilgrimages and supports the society and the church alike.

Message from Founder & Chairman

BGR. Rev. Dr. Tomy Joseph

The future of travel industry worldwide is bright and is being projected as a key economic factor in many countries- driven by competition, new business investments and an increase in consumer confidence and spending. As a well- established and progressive destination management company operating in India and abroad - with equal strengths in domestic, outbound and inbound travel - IPR is well equipped to take on the manifold challenges and the involving dynamics of the burgeoning industry.

Over the years, we have availed of our intrinsic market knowledge and business acumen to expand the company by way of both organic growth and by venturing into new areas of business. We continue to identify opportunities, invest in services and introduce technology to stay abreast of regional and global trends, and offer the very best to our clients, partners and employees.

Supported by the Church and other like-minded people from all walks of life, IPR has expanded to cover various facets of the industry. Our experience and expertise has helped us to ensure perfection in both our domestic, outbound and inbound units. I would like to thank our dedicated management, especially our esteemed patron Rt. Rev. George Pallipparambil, staff and valued customers for their unflinching support in all our endeavours. Beyond business, we cater ourselves in ventures of social significance too. Inspired by human values, IPR, since its inception, has been rooted in its commitment to change people's lives for better by providing them opportunities and by creating an environment that values efficiency and productivity.

Our success is grounded on a very simple philosophy - to honour our commitment to our well-wishers and make a significant contribution to the communities and countries that we serve. We also believe that in this buoyant travel environment, the focus should remain on the customer. Our focus is on you.

I join my team to assure you of fulfilling all your travel experiences.

Come and explore the world with us. I welcome you to be a part of our journey! With Best Wishes:

BGR. Rev. Dr. Tomy Joseph
IPR Group of Companies

IPR Activities

IPR Activities

As a first move into it, the IPR proudly takes the initiative to give life to your dreams by taking you across the world through its natural beauty, rich panorama, divine cultural heritage, diverse art forms, religious legacies, traditions, monuments and the like. A new trend of spiritual tourism, pilgrimage, yoga, meditation and rejuvenating ayurvedic medications will offer you a refreshing experience.
To handle the tour operations smoothly, IPR has developed its office to various divisions.
1. Inbound.
2. Outbound.
3. Domestic.
4. Medical Tourism.
5. Air Ticketing.
6. MICE.
To ensure the quality of services provided to our guests, we have opted our own fleet of luxury coaches and premium cars and houseboat.

To ensure effective functioning, IPR is recognized by:
1. IATA.
2. Ministry of Tourism – Govt. Of India.
3. IATO – Allied Member.
4. KTM – Active Member.
5. TAAI – Active Member.
6. Lakshadweep Tourism
7. Kerala Tourism
We invite passionate, travellers all over the world to come and explore the myriad hues and colors of ‘Incredible India’. Let the timeless saga with stories dating back to the BC era unfold in front of you. We would take inbound tourism as an opportunity to make our travellers get acquainted with various social schemes going on in India. The chance thus given to the ardent travellers to get familiar with the Indian art and culture will surely boost up the enthusiasm of the incredibly talented local Indian artists. We also get an opportunity to impart our Mother India’s spiritual and cultural values to the clients, thus making the visit a pastoral mission and a movement. This extraordinary experience given to our guests will remain memorable in their hearts forever. In a nutshell, our initiative is to enhance the social structure of India through cultural tourism.
By serving people from all walks of life, we extend our services to many who choose to view the world with IPR. We sincerely hope that you would welcome our initiative by offering your esteemed participation.
Let us all be successful in our dual task of fighting against corruption and promoting human values by engaging ourselves in healthy practices. Our endeavor is a noble-minded one, an apostolate, initiated by a group of like-minded people for the safety of the society. The apostolate has two objectives: to preserve and to win over.
Many get jobs by these prospects and clients get a cheaper package with high quality service as we help people whenever it is required.

Since 2013, we have been operating in the aforesaid field with a primary motive of “work hard to earn something for social development and thereby support humanity”. Our social missions are sourcing resources. It funds only from the result of our own hard work, namely engaging in the promotion of pilgrimage, tourism and culture. We have served the society over the last two years by providing financial assistance to various social projects. We reinforce schools, hospitals, social works and education. We persuade youth to take up the important posts so that the corruption can be eradicated slowly. We grant food, shelter, clothes and medicine to polish the welfare of the humanity, in so doing ensure freedom, justice and truth.
All our genuine comings and goings aim at the welfare of the humanity.
As a part of our social work activities, we support the following projects: -
1. Financial Assistance for Positive Care Charitable Society, Ernakulam for their Cancer Care mission.
2. Assistance for Delhi Diocese for helping the young children in the orphanages run by the Diocese .
3. Assistance for education at Wayanad Development Society - Kerala for their effort to promote education among the poor and the needy.
4. Financial assistance for underprivileged patients undergoing surgeries of kidney transplantation.
5. Help for cancer patients who are struggling to find expenses for medical treatment.
6. Help for the St. Thomas Academy of Research and Training (START) to train the youngsters for higher and professional education.
7. Help for SMILE VILLAGE, Chalakkudy, Kerala under Reverent Fathers for their mission to enhance the living conditions of poor and sickly people.
To sum up, we put efforts to bring compassion and love to humanity which means love in action. Steered by the church teachings to promote tourism as an apostolate and rooted in the commitment to make people happy, IPR strives for the wellbeing of the human being.
As Aristotle said, happiness is the central purpose of human life and a goal in itself. In fact, it is the basic need of a human being. He functions best when he is happy. Why can’t we provide that happiness to our fellow beings? We invite you to be the ambassadors of happiness and thus preserve and win over the world and humanity.
Believing in the immense power of the Omnipotent, we implore you all to join us in our undertaking to make it a grant triumph.

G.Kamala Vardhana Rao

I take this opportunity to Congratulate you & your team for the best services you provide for the groups to promote tourism combined with PILGRIMAGE to our Country. I learn that you have established your Head Office at ALUVA. It will be my Departments endeavor to support you in your activities to promote Tourism in Kerala. My Best Wishes for the launch of your website “www.gowithipr.com”
I Wish You All Success.

Former - Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala

I am glad to know that the International Pilgrimage Revolution Private Limited (IPR Group) is launching a new Web site for effective execution of the projects of the group including humanitarian services. I would like to convey my best wishes to the new web site and the future endeavours of IPR group.
Wishing all the success.

Theodore Mascarhenhas
SFX ( Secretary Gen, CBCI & Auxiliary Bishop-Ranchi )

I am extremely glad to know that International Pilgrimage Revolution Pvt. Ltd is launching their state of the art web portal “Go with IPR” so that their TRAVEL WITH A MISSION goal receives more publicity and attains a global outreach. I extend my greetings and good wishes towards the project which was initiated in 2012 and has experienced success mainly because of its noble ideal of making tourists travel to India for an exciting experience of Indian spirituality, culture and socioeconomic reality. I am glad to have been associated with IPR and its goals right from the time of its initial days. A unique concept of the Company is its social trust - to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and a future to the poor and the marginalised particularly children. Thus it is a fusion of tourism cum pilgrimage promoting social outreach. I am told of the initiatives and help IPR is extending to Archbishop Alan de Lastic Memorial Children's Village, Bhonds, (Haryana) of the Archdiocese of Delhi by providing text books and stationary to orphan children. I am sure in course of time many more such big and small initiatives for the education and upbringing of the poor and needy children will be undertaken by IPR. I wish that IPR grows and develops into an enterprise with social responsibility. May God bless IPR in all their plans and enterprises experiencing God’s blessings in abundance to fulfil their noble dreams

Sebastian Vadakel
Bishop of Ujjain

Happy to know that IPR has already launched their official website. This will make the services it provides better known and better appreciated. People love to travel to distant places and lands as these travels provide them with varied enriching experiences and excitements. I congratulate the management of IPR for taking such a bold initiative and wish the IPR the blessings of the Lord in abundance!

Anil J.T. Couto
Archbishop of Delhi

I am extremely happy to know that International Pilgrimage Revolution Pvt. Ltd is launching their official website so that their TRAVEL WITH A MISSION goal attains a global outreach. The project which was initiated in 2012 has flourished because of its noble ideal of making tourists travel to India for an exciting experience of Indian spiritually, culture and socioeconomic reality. A unique feature of the Company is its social trust - to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and a future to the poor and the needy, particularly children. I am grateful to IPR for the help they are extending to Archbishop Alan de Lastic Memorial Children's Village, Bhondsi , (Haryana) of the Archdiocese of Delhi by way of text books and stationary to orphan children. May God Bless IPR in abundance to fulfill all their noble dreams for humanity.

Dr. Rudolf Voderholzer
Der Bischof Von Regensburg

Auf den ersten Blick erscheint Indien Pilgerreisen (IPR) als eine Reiseagentur, die ein reichhaltiges Angebot an Reisen organisiert, damit man die beeindruckende .Natur, Kultur und Geschichte Indiens hautnah erfahren kann. Wenn man allerdings näher hinschaut, erkennt man einen tiefer gehenden Anspruch, als nur gut organisierte und erlebnisreiche Reisen anzubieten. Indien Pilgerreisen (IPR) geht es nun schon seit drei Jahren um ein Eintauchen in Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft, um so ein tieferes Verständnis für die indische Kultur zu entwickeln und gleichzeitig die sozialen Verhältnisse vor Ort zu verbessern. Durch Vermeidung von Korruption und durch die Unterstützung sozialer Projekte soll diese Art der Organisation von Tourismus gezielt dazu beitragen Nächstenliebe nach dem christlichen Ideal konkret zu leben. Dem Kunden werden so anspruchsvolle Reisen in einem guten Preis-¬Leistungsverhältnis angeboten und es entstehen Beschäftigungs- und Qualifizierungsmöglichkeiten für die Bevölkerung vor Ort. Aufgrund einer Pastoralreise, die ich Anfang Januar 2015/ betreut von IPR, erleben durfte, kann ich Ihnen aus eigener Anschauung mit gutem Gewissen bestätigen, dass Sie bei IPR in guten Händen sind. Dem IPR und all seinen Unternehmungen und Aktivitäten wünsche ich Gottes reichen Segen!.

Franz-Josef Hermann Bode
Bishop of Osnabruk

In 12 Tagen konnte ich zum ersten Mal die bunte Welt von Indien erleben, von Kerala bis zum Himalaya. Die Erfahrung der verschiedenen Religionen, die hier miteinander leben, hat mich sehr beeindruckt, ebenso das Engagement der katholischen Kirche für alle Menschen, besonders in Bildung und Erziehung. Durch die gute Organisation der Reise fühlte ich mich gut aufgehoben. Dazu hat in besonderem Maße "International Pilgrimage Revolution" beigetragen. Dafür ganz herzlichen Dank!imalaya.

Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal svd
Bishop of Indore

All your works shall praise you, O Lord, and your saints shall bless you - Psalm 145 , (10) Pilgrimage is one of the ways of growing in faith by being inspired by the lives of saints who have gone before us. I appreciate the efforts of Indienpilgerreisen to facilitate pilgrimages to India and other countries. May God bless your efforts and bring great dividend to those who participate in the pilgrimages.

Oommen Chandy
Former-Chief Minister of Kerala

I am glad to know that International Pilgrimage Revolutions (IPR) Pvt Ltd, Aluva as part of the expansion program of its travel related services would be launching the website - www.gowithipr.com. I hope that the activities of IPR Group would continue to make a difference in the society and that the collective efforts of all associated with the group would enable it to scale greater heights. Wishing all success for IPR Group's future endeavors.

Former - Minister of Industries and I.T,Govt. of Kerala

I am very happy to know that the International Pilgrimage Revolution Pvt.Ltd. (IPR Group), renowned for its charitable activities, is all set to launch its website. I hope that the Website will help to improve the activities of the Group and I wish all the success to the website.

(Late) K.M.Mani
(Former Finance Minister)

I am delighted to know that the IPR group has been serving the society by promoting various social projects as part of its social responsibility. The projects undertaken by IPR for CSR Scheme are most appropriate and significant. I understand that the IPR’s future plans include promoting social mission projects in the field of education, especially schemes for encouraging and training youngsters for higher and professional education. I take this opportunity to congratulate the IPR Humanity Mission for their substantial contributions to the society and wish all success to its philanthropic projects. Let us work together for a brighter and prosperous Kerala.

Ramesh Chennithala
Former - Minister of Home & Vigilance, Govt.of Kerala

I am extremely happy to note that International Pilgrimage Revolution Pvt Ltd going to launch their company website in connection with the commencement of their new Head office in ALUVA. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the helmsmen of the IPR for there effort to promote charity through tourism industry. As an important player in tourism Sector, the International Pilgrimage Revolution Pvt Ltd has been providing valuable and credible services to those who are passionate to travel the length and breadth of India and to explore her myriad of hues and colors. I extend my heartfelt wishes to the launching of website.

Adoor Prakash
Former - Minister of Revenue & Coir, state of Kerala

I am happy to know that ‘International Pilgrimage Revolution’ is working in tourism sector to promote pilgrimage in India.As the Pilgrim centres are the cradle lands of our centuries old culture and tradition, the endower to lead tourists to spiritual places will make the travellers familiarize with the creative Art and Culture of our land. It is also appreciable that the organization is engaged in several charitable and educational activities for the betterment of our society.I wish all success to this humanitarian and philanthropic mission.

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan
Former Secretary of the CPI(M) Kerala State Committee

My Heartiest congratulations on your new venture of opening the head office of IPR Group at Aluva. I am sure that your initiative in promoting Tourism will enhance the social structure of India. Wish you all the very best

Mar Mathew Arackal
Former Bishop of Kanjirapally

I am very happy to know that International Pilgrimage Revolution (IPR) Pvt. Ltd. has launched their official website (www.gowithipr.com). I wish this venture all success as you offer travel options that best meet the client’s needs within budget parameters. I complement you on passing on to the client, the best offers, packages and premium airfares. I pray International Pilgrimage Revolution will be a grand success providing premium person-centred services based on the specific needs and requests of clients so that you have a large group of “Happy Clients” transcending borders, who will in turn, guide other to your services. May Almighty God bless you on your journey “TRAVEL WITH A MISSION”

National Award - Best inbound tour operator 2018-19

We (International Pilgrimage Revolution Pvt Ltd/IPR Holidays) delighted and proud to announce that, we've won the National award (for the second consecutive year) - “Best inbound tour operator 2018-19”. Vice President of India, Jagdeep Dhankhar presented the National Tourism Awards to awardees at the programme organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, to mark the World Tourism Day, 27th Sep 2022 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Union Minister of Tourism Shri G. Kishan Reddy and MoS Tourism Shri Ajay Bhatt also graced the ceremony. Secretary Tourism Shri Aravind Singh and other senior officers of the Ministry were also present on this occasion. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest gratitude and sincere appreciation to all our wonderful Guest travelers, especially from #Europe, #USA, #Australia, and #China for their continued support and trust over the years

National Award - Best inbound tour operator 2017-18

Chairman BGR Rev Dr Tomy Joseph receiving the National Award for Best Inbound Tour Operator for the year 2017-18 from Mr Zurab Poloikashvili, Secretary General of UNWTO and Mr Prahlad Singh Patel, Hon'ble Minister of Tourism, Govt. Of India, at the ceremony held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

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